Graduate Course Descriptions

MEEG-500 MS Directed Research, 1-6 Credits
This course can be used by master’s program students to meet their course registration requirements and also conduct some preliminary work on their master's research projects.

MEEG-503 Advanced Thermodynamics I, 3 Credits
Reviews of the basic laws of classical thermodynamics, cycles, and reactive systems.

MEEG-504 Advanced Thermodynamics II, 3 Credits
Examines the statistical basis of thermodynamics and irreversible thermodynamics.

MEEG-505 Advanced Dynamics I, 3 Credits
Analyzes particle dynamics, systems of particles, Hamilton's principle, Lagrange's equations, central force motion, rigid body dynamics, and Euler's equations.

MEEG-506 Astronautics, 3 Credits
Studies the satellite position relative to rotating earth, perturbation theory, restricted three-body problem, ascent trajectories, staging, mass ratio, and near-earth atmosphere. Prerequisite: MEEG- 505.

MEEG-507 Advanced Fluid Mechanics I, 3 Credits
Studies the physical properties of fluids, kinematics and conservation equations of fluid motion in rigid coordinate systems, tensor analysis, boundary conditions, vorticity, Navier-Stokes equations, some of their analytic solutions and selected topics on creeping flows, laminar boundary layers, instability of viscous flows and turbulence.

MEEG-508 Advanced Heat Transfer I, 3 Credits
Presents analytical and numerical techniques for the analysis of convective heat-transfer problems.

MEEG-509 Advanced Gas Dynamics, 3 Credits
Examines sound waves, waves of finite amplitudes in gases, shock and expansion waves, one-dimensional gas-dynamic flows, linearized steady subsonic and supersonic flows and the theory of characteristics.

MEEG-510 Advanced Fluid Mechanics II, 3 Credits
Deals with the mathematical formulation of basic equations of fluid dynamics and potential flow theory.

MEEG-511 Advanced Heat Transfer II, 3 Credits
Presents analytical and numerical techniques for the solution of heat conduction problems.

MEEG-512 Applications of Continuum Mechanics, 3 Credits
Presents the kinematics of a general continuum and fundamental laws of continua.

MEEG-514 Acoustics and Noise, 3 Credits
Covers fundamentals as well as contemporary topics in acoustics.

MEEG-515 Experimental Stress Analysis, 3 Credits
Specialized experimental stress analysis course, with emphasis on design, construction, and use of complex models.

MEEG-518 Master's Thesis, 1-6 Credits
Intensive investigation carried out by students involving analysis, design, and/or experimentation in the student's area of interest.

MEEG-519 Graduate Seminar, 1 Credit
Forum for the presentation of current research activities of graduate students, faculty and guest speakers.

MEEG-521 Variational Methods in Applied Mechanics, 3 Credits
Emphasizes formulation and application of variational principles for static, steady state and transient problems in solid and fluid mechanics.

MEEG-523 Radiation Heat Transfer, 3 Credits
Analyzes radiation heat transfer, including radiation exchange between surfaces and radiative transfer in participating and non-participating media.

MEEG-524 Special Topics in Solid Mechanics, 3 Credits
Varies on demand; topics offered include finite element methods, fracture mechanics and fatigue.

MEEG-532 Advanced Robotics, 3 Credits
Advanced treatment for several complex topics for robotic manipulator analysis, design and control. Robot kinematics, dynamics based on Newton, Euler-Lagrange and Kane's method of formulations, linearization and control techniques, determination of positioning errors and modeling, and computer simulation.

MEEG-533 CAD in Manufacturing, 3 Credits
Advanced work in computer-aided analysis and 3D geometric modeling with integration of manufacturing automation system, application of CAD techniques such as expert system and other advance developments to the concept of computer integrated manufacturing and flexible manufacturing system.

MEEG-534 Finite Element Analysis, 3 Credits
Basic concepts, formulation, and application of finite element techniques for numerical solution of problems in structural mechanics, heat transfer, dynamic response and fluid mechanics. Applications using general purpose FEM software such as ANSYS.

MEEG-535 Projects in Manufacturing, 3 Credits
Advanced treatment of several topics of an interdisciplinary manufacturing environment and the critical examination of recent literature describing application of these topics to new technology areas.

MEEG-536 Product Data Management, 3 Credits
Participants will study topics fundamental to global collaborative engineering, product data management, and collaborative product data management. These topics will be applied during team projects utilizing state of the art collaborative engineering and product data management software and hardware technologies. This course may also contain live online video lectures originating from participating universities.

MEEG-600 Ph.D. Directed Research, 1-9 Credits
This course can be used by doctorate’s program students to meet their course registration requirements and also conduct some preliminary work on their research projects.

MEEG-606 Computer Applications in Mechanical Engineering, 3 Credits
Theory and practice of the application of digital computers to mechanical engineering problems.

MEEG-609 Computational Fluid Dynamics, 3 Credits
Includes numerical analysis fundamentals and difference methods for partial differential equations of fluid dynamics.

MEEG-610 Space Flight Dynamics and Attitude Control, 3 Credits
Examines rigid body dynamics, forces and torques that act on a spacecraft, passive and active stabilization of spacecraft, stability theory-Lyapunov's direct method, and Floquet theory. Prerequisites: MEEG-505 and MEEG-506.

MEEG-611 Turbulence, 3 Credits
Presents theories of turbulence, dynamics of turbulence and closure schemes, turbulent shear flows, and turbulent transport of momentum and heat.

MEEG-612 Advanced Dynamics II, 3 Credits
Treats stability of linear systems - small oscillations, Hamilton's equations-phase space, canonical transformations, and the Hamilton-Jacobi equation.

MEEG-613 Special Topics in Aerospace Mechanics, 3 Credits
Presentation of selected topics in contemporary aerospace mechanics that are of current interest to student and faculty researchers.

MEEG-614 Special Topics in Fluid Mechanics, 3 Credits
Presentation of selected topics in contemporary fluid mechanics that are of interest to researchers.

MEEG-615 Special Projects, 3 Credits
Project course taken by master's program students enrolled in the non-thesis option with specialization in various areas of interest.

MEEG-616 Special Topics in CAD/CAM, 3 Credits
Presentation of specialized topics in contemporary CAD/CAM discipline that are of interest to researchers.

MEEG-617 Spacecraft Attitude Estimation, 3 Credits
The attitude representations, attitude kinematics, attitude measuring devices, elementary estimation theory, three-axis and spin-axis attitude estimation, deterministic and optimal attitude estimation, the Kalman filter, attitude error analysis and accuracy prediction, spacecraft system identification. Prerequisite: MEEG 505.

MEEG-618 Ph.D. Thesis, 1-6 Credits
Intensive investigation carried out by Ph.D. candidates involving analysis, design, and/or experimentation in the student's area of interest that will culminate in an original contribution to the field.


Oluwade Receives Tau Beta Pi Fellowship Award

Tue, May 19, 2020

Abimbola Oluwade, a 2020 mechanical engineering graduate, has been awarded a graduate fellowship from Tau Beta Pi, the engineering honor society. Oluwade will receive a cash stipend of $10,000 to pursue graduate studies in mechanical engineering. Oluwade plans to obtain his Ph.D. in mechanical engineering with a concentration in fluid mechanics and thermal processes. Tau Beta Pi Fellowships are awarded on the basis of high scholarship, campus leadership and service, and promise of future contributions to the engineering profession.Read More >>

Student Speaker Melissa Douglas Receives 2020 BEYA Student Leadership Award

Fri, May 15, 2020

Mechanical engineering graduate Melissa Douglas will serve as the student speaker for the 2020 College of Engineering and Architecture (CEA) Awards and Recognition Ceremony. This spring, Douglas received a 2020 BEYA Student Leadership Award for her outstanding leadership as president of both the DC Alpha Chapter of Tau Beta Pi, the national engineering honor society, and the Howard University chapter of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Read More >>


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