Graduate applicants are required to submit three letters of recommendation, a statement of interest, official transcript(s) delivered and/or mailed in a sealed envelope by the Registrar of the college/university attended, and the most recent Graduate Record Examination scores. Applications must be submitted online via the Howard University Graduate School.

Master of Engineering

Students admitted to the program will have already completed a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering or a closely allied field (materials science and engineering, civil engineering, Physics, Mathematics, or Electrical Engineering and other engineering disciplines). There is no single criterion for admission; consideration is given to all aspects of an applicant’s academic and/or career history, grades, recommendations, special examinations, and other sources of information. Students having less than a 3.0 out of a 4.0 undergraduate cumulative GPA may be admitted provisionally for one semester provided there is other evidence of aptitude for further study.

Doctor of Philosophy

Highly qualified applicants holding a Bachelor or Master of Science in Engineering, Physical Sciences, or Mathematics from a nationally accredited institution or applicants with equivalent qualifications from foreign institutions are eligible for admission into the Mechanical Engineering doctoral program. Applicants with inadequate preparation in their major field of study will be required to take the necessary undergraduate courses to compensate. The departmental Executive and Graduate Program Committees will review other special cases on an individual basis.

Residence Requirements: Students must complete a minimum of six semesters of full-time residence, or the equivalent, beyond the bachelor’s degree, of which at least four semesters must be completed in the Graduate School of Howard University. Two of the four semesters must be consecutive. A minimum of nine credit hours per semester constitutes full-time enrollment.

For more information on applications, tuition, financial aid or housing, please visit the Howard University Graduate School.

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Alumna Aprille Ericsson Named Tau Beta Pi 2018 Distinguished Alumna

Wed, October 3, 2018

Mechanical Engineering Alumna Aprille Joy Ericsson (M.S. ’90; Ph.D. ’95) has been named 2018 Distinguished Alumna of the International Engineering Society, Tau Beta Pi. Dr. Ericsson was nominated by the Howard University DC Alpha Chapter of Tau Beta Pi.Read More >>

Assistant Professor Hyung Bae Receives 2018 DARPA Young Faculty Award

Mon, August 27, 2018

Mechanical Engineering Assistant Professor Hyung Bae recently received the 2018 DARPA Young Faculty Award (YFA).Read More >>


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