Meet Bison STEM Scholar Ameen Muhammad

Bison STEM Scholar Ameen Muhammad

A Philadelphia native, Mechanical Engineering Junior Ameen Muhammad developed an interest in mechanical engineering when he was in middle school. At the time, he noticed that the engineers he met during school field trips did not look like him. Muhammad became extremely curious as to why he did not meet any engineers of color. This curiosity later developed into a passion for helping to diversify the field of engineering.

Throughout his middle and high school years, Muhammad would talk to his friends outside of school, and to his neighbors and family, to gauge how much they knew about STEM education. It troubled him that there was such little exposure to STEM education in his inner-city neighborhood. “I saw that the exposure of young minorities to the STEM disciplines was and is staggeringly low,” he says. He decided that he needed to do something to help in majority-minority areas, particularly in inner cities.

“My motivation [to help diversify the field of engineering] originates from my desire to help people. Having resided in a place where many students live day-to-day with little to no access to STEM programs and technology in their schools has become frightening to me. What’s even more alarming is that when STEM representatives are presented to these youth, they are rarely people with whom they can identify,” Muhammad adds.

When Muhammad visited Howard University prior to applying, he met engineering alumni who inspired him, as “they were all doing big things,” he says.

In addition to his passion for engineering, Muhammad has always loved swimming and dancing. He participated in multiple dance recitals during his elementary and middle school years. As for swimming, Muhammad made the Howard University swim team as a freshman. After he joined the swim team, the team won the mid-season conference for the first time in twenty years.

Muhammad is also an active member of the Howard University NSBE Student Chapter. Through his membership, Muhammad took advantage of the opportunity to tutor middle school students through DMV NSBE, Jr.

What’s next for our Bison STEM Scholar?

After obtaining his Ph.D. in mechanical engineering, Muhammad plans to pursue a career in nanotechnology, while managing a non-profit organization “to create outreach programs for minority students in inner cities who don’t have the same opportunities as the majority of the population”.

We wish him all the best. Go get ‘em, Bison!


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