Mechanical Engineering Students Presented Oral and Poster Presentations on their Research at Howard University's Annual Research Symposium Thursday April 14th, 2016

Marie-Urlima Okeke, a current graduate student pursing her Ph.D. in mechanical engineering is pictured here on the right (cup in hand), talking with a fellow engineering student about her poster presentation on a mathematical model of fluid flow in the inner ear.
Kirsten Lovelace Sims, a current graduate master’s student studying mechanical engineering, presented an oral presentation on her research in the area of cryogenics.
Damon Gresham, a current junior majoring in mechanical engineering, presented a poster at the Symposium on his research involving cryogenics and low temperature heat transfer.

Undergraduate student and junior mechanical engineering major, Damon Gresham, presented a poster presentation on his research in the area of cryogenics and low temperature heat transfer. Graduate students Kirsten Lovelace Sims, currently pursing a masters, and Marie-Urlima Okeke, currently pursing a Ph.D. presented an oral and poster presentation respectively. Mrs. Sims presented on her research in the area of cryogenics and Mrs. Okeke presented on her research which looked at representing fluid flow in the inner ear via a mathematical model.

Congratulations Mr. Gresham, Mrs. Sims and Mrs. Okeke on successfully presenting your research among +300 Howard University faculty and students at Howard's annual Research Symposium!


Mechanical Engineering Professor Dr. Emmanuel Glakpe Named ASME Fellow

Fri, August, 25 2017

Dr. Emmanuel Glakpe, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, has been elected Fellow of ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) in April 2017, after being nominated by Dr. Nadir Yilmaz. Dr. Glakpe’s nomination was supported by ASME Fellows from within academia, industry and government positions.Read More >>

Mechanical Engineering Department Chair and Professor Dr. Nadir Yilmaz Named SAE International Fellow

Fri, August, 25 2017

SAE International announced that Professor Nadir Yilmaz was elected as a 2016-2017 SAE Fellow. Dr. Yilmaz was recognized during ceremonies at the WCX 17: SAE World Congress Experience in Detroit, Michigan on April 11, 2017.Read More >>


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